CORINNA RAY – Emerging First Nations Artist

 Wise Owl – Corinna Ray

Frog with Flies – Corinna Ray

In order to place Corinna’s art within her heritage as a member of the First Nations community, and as a daughter of a well-known First Nations artist, I have researched online and gained a better understanding of the culture which informed the revitalization of Woodland Indian art that took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The material that I found will enable me to write an overview that will place modern Native art within a larger cultural context. At the moment, however, it is Corinna’s art I want to talk to you about.


Beaver – Corinna Ray

Corinna is a daughter of the late Carl Ray, who was one of the founding artists of the Woodland Indian School of Art in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He and Norval Morrisseau worked together and as friends shared the decision to make public the myths, legends and religious stories of their people which had up to that point been closed to those outside the various clans of the Anishnabe.

Weasel  – Corinna Ray

Ms. Ray has been painting for some years now, but perhaps because of the geographic isolation of Sandy Lake has not had the exposure which her work deserves. Many of her paintings appear to be extremely simple, but her subject matter of animals painted in the First Nations style conveys an understanding and empathy, and a regard for the importance of animals as myth carriers. Some people have commented  on how suitable some of her paintings would be as book illustrations – perhaps a partnership with a First Nations storyteller to publish a children’s book is not impossible?

I am hoping to be able to arrange for Corinna to do several paintings for me to market through my online gallery


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