Alan Syliboy ~ Mi’kmaq artist

Alan Syliboy ~ Man in Deep Woods 1994


Alan Syliboy (b. 1952) has exhibited internationally for many years. In addition to being a highly regarded and established native artist, he has been involved in various other areas: film making, videos, music and teaching preogrammes. Now and then, I have one of his pieces in my inventory, and at the moment the above work (a mixed media on paper 8.5x11inches) will be auctioned at Hodgins Online Auction on October 10 along with many Inuit works, and Woodland and Plains artifacts.  

It’s well worth looking at what is on offer at Hodgins and as an online auction, it will be convenient for bidding, no matter your location. Check it out at:  

Syliboy’s piece is on the second page, #61 and as an original work is a great investment and also a highly desirable piece to own and display in your home or office!


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