Benjamin Chee Chee – gouache and india ink 18×24

Chee Chee - a rare acquisition

Today I want to show you a recent acquisition. This print  is gouache and india ink on paper (18×24)and is signed and dated 1975.  There are faint stencil lines visible and some gaps in the india ink.

The work is professionally framed with archival quality mat.

The simple and joyful lines are more than enough to tell us a story and reflect Chee Chee’s drive to  paint wildlife important to the First Nations traditional way of life using modern and minimalist concepts.

I won’t say a lot here about Chee Chee’s short and turbulent life before he committed suicide while in police custody just two short years after this print is dated. The story is well documented elsewhere, and I will simply give you the URL’s where the whole story is told.

Like so many other young native people of promise, Chee Chee was unable to overcome the emotional damage from his early years and the marginalization of his entire nation, and it is nothing short of amazing that despite all the chaos he lived in, he was able to produce a significant body of work.

He spent almost his entire life in a quest to find his lost mother and managed to achieve that goal just two months before his death.


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