Basic Needs - Joe Average - reverse side

I want to introduce one of my newest acquisitions: Basic Needs by Vancouver’s own Joe Average.


Basic Needs - Joe Average

This acrylic on canvas painting is 36 inches x36 inches  – such a large scale painting is sure to make a serious  statement wherever it is hung – it will definitely be the focal point of your room!

Joe is a self taught artist, born in Victoria and now living in Vancouver. He traces his influences to West Coast First Nations art, and then to the work of Pop artists, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Peter Max. At the age of 27, he was diagnosed as being HIV positive and three years later, he decided to make a life for himself  as a fulltime artist and live off whatever his art career could provide.

He also started devoting a lot of time and effort to volunteering in  areas that inspire his passion. Art education at the public school level, feeding the hungry, and supporting HIV/AIDS related causes were his choices.  He feels his committment to art, and the resultant self affirming  lifestyle has contributed to his health and longevity.

His website,    is the source of the biographical material I have supplied. If you want to get an idea of Joe Average’s breadth of creativity,  then  go to his website and browse your way through it. You will be blown away – I know I was!!!

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