Bill Reid ~ Renowned Haida Artist

Bill Reid - Grizzly - silkscreen - 1973 - 533/600 - 25x19.25 inches

William “Bill” Reid was born in 1920 and died of complications from Parkinson’s disease in March 1998. He was born to a Haida mother and a  father of European descent, and according to the regulations  then in force was not entitled to Indian status. He lost no time applying for  status when that regulation was changed.

He began his  career working in broadcasting in Toronto with the CBC, and spent ten years at it before becoming caught up in studying Haida art techniques, first as a worker in gold and silver and later as a sculptor and carver as well as a printmaker.

Bill Reid - Haida Dogfish - serigraph

Reid was nothing if not controversial, but it is clear that he focussed attention on and encouraged the renaissance in Northwest Coast First Nations art forms. No matter what your view of him, it is clear he interpreted and made understandable both the techniques and the highly sophisticated content behind this art.

Bill Reid - Bird - serigraph

I currently have three of Bill Reid’s numbered prints in my inventory, they are shown above. Make enquiries to:


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