CARL RAY and his daughter Corinna Rae

Carl Ray - Animal Spirit

I am fortunate to have a great litho on paper (#75/98) called Animal Spirit – this print is said to be the most popular of his work and is a large print 38×26, which has an impressive presence and which displays well in any home or office.

Carl Ray - Animal Spirit

Carl Ray was born on the Sandy Lake Reserve far to the north of Thunder Bay Ontario in 1943 and died from injuries received in an assault  in Sioux Lookout in 1978. He and his mentor Norval Morrisseau painted the huge mural at the Native People of Canada Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal, and his career as a First Nations painter was assured following this. Mr. Morrisseau also came from Sandy Lake and he and Mr. Ray collaborated for many years, bringing legends, stories and mystical experiences to a broader audience in the rest of Canada, and spearheading the push to have First Nations Art recognized and legitimized in the international art world.

The above URL is an extensive listing and description of art typical of the major Canadian tribal groups and provides a rich background against which to view Canadian First Nations Art.

Corinna Rae - rabbit 12x14

 Mr. Ray left several children, one of whom, Corinna Rae, carries forward his work and shows considerable promise as a First Nations artist. Corinna still lives in Sandy Lake. The isolation of her community, as a fly-in only settlement which is linked to the outside by road only for about 6 weeks in the winter, is probably both an advantage in sustaining and building First Nations culture and a disadvantage too as all the amenities of life we take for granted are so difficult to obtain. I am pleased  to claim Corinna as a friend and want to promote her art to the rest of the world. These two sweet and gentle images are currently for sale on my website and either would make a lovely gift this holiday season.

Corinna Rae – owl 12×14 original on canvas

2 responses to “CARL RAY and his daughter Corinna Rae

  1. Howard Weinblatt

    I was a resident physician from the Toronto Hospital for sick children who did a month’s rotation at the Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital in 1974 and 1975. I delivered and cared for Carl Ray’s daughter at that time. Is Corrina that child? Mr. Ray made an acrylic and ink on heavy paper drawing of the grizzley bear (totem of the medicine man) sharing a canoe with a man for me at that time which still is on my mantle. I have no desire to sell this work of art but I would like you to pass on to Ms. Ray that she (or a sister) was a beautiful baby with an impressively strong beautiful and intelligent mother. Her father was kind, generous and fascinating and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening when he brought the painting over to our trailer. hbw

  2. That would have been Corinna that you delivered, she had no sisters. I have sent your comment on to her and if you would like to contact her directly I can provide you with her address. What a small world it’s become since the internet!
    Best wishes,

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