Isaac Bignell: decorating with art in your home

Several posts back I was talking about decorating with art, and I want to continue on that tack with today’s post and next week’s post, too.

I have long believed that art can be placed anywhere in the home, and I am especially in favour of exposing small children to art on an “ownership” basis – that is, in their own living spaces. Nothing beats placing art in a small child’s room – it has been shown that infants perceive images that are strongly coloured and sharply contrasting  sooner than they do paler coloured images with less clear definition… so the particular choice shown below is a well thought out one.

The baby who will inhabit this room in a few weeks (my future  niece or nephew) will be living with a fine piece of Canadian First Nations art by Isaac Bignell; and this piece of art will hopefully influence his or her future taste, and help to establish his or her cultural identity. Notice how the piece is enhanced by what is basically a neutral background with pops of colour that pick up the bright sun in the piece. The images on the crib headboard and footboard, in black, repeat the black on white in the painting; and  the bright quilt, draped over the back of the rocking chair. plays with the sparse colour in the piece of art. The furniture  carries on the black and neutral theme.

One of the points I made in my previous post was the idea of choosing a comfortable shade of white to paint all your walls, from the literally hundreds of shades of white that are available. This is basically what I’ve done in my own home. However, often the exception proves the rule, as it does here. My kitchen is painted a strong tangerine to offset all the white on the rest of the walls,

and Isaac Bignells “Family” is right at home here in the kitchen.

This piece is a pair of seperate 12×14 watercolours which have been matted and framed to archival standards in the one dark wooden frame. Thus the black geese and orange sun are enhanced by both the frame and the background colour of the wall.

Isaac Bignell’s “Family” is available for sale. Contact me for further details.

Until next week,



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