A BIT OF A SWITCH!(Mich as an artist)

I thought I’d try something different and maybe a bit fun or should that be funky today – we all need to chase away the winter blahs and what better than some bright colour, with naive or outsider art made by me – Mich – your erstwhile friend and art dealer/art lover.
But maybe first a tiny bit about me:
I was raised in small town northern Ontario – bush country, if you will; and the home region of many of the First Nations artists whose work I love and collect today. My dad worked with the Department of Natural Resources and loved the outdoors and the animals living there.  My mom was a traditional French Canadian stay-at-home mom who had her hands full with a good sized family of kids requiring her attention. Our family blended the two founding nations of Canada, as do so many northern Ontario families.
I grew up with a love of music and art and although by no means am I a professional performer, I love playing the guitar and singing with my partner(she has a lovely voce) – we enjoy folk festivals and small concerts.  From time to time, I have collected guitars and then sold them off and collected more. Make of that what you will!! Lol!  I guess like buying and selling art, I love to share my treasures with a wider audience.
I am mainly a self-taught artist and my orientation tends to be towards “outsider” art. My influences have been Pop images, Mexican landscape and imagery, Native Canadian  artists, and the quirkiness of  “outsider” artists.
The two images above are clearly from my “lemon yellow, scarlet and tropic turquoise period”  and they may make you smile, or they may inspire you to use them as your “pop” of colour in a predominantly white room. You choose!  🙂  You could either have a giggle or you could impress the neighbours with your minimalism and good taste!!

art revealed - a painting over a painting

My friend on the east coast feels this is the best of my work – she calls it “art revealed”  – the story behind the story is that I was browsing a garage sale one day and picked up a really bad abstract canvas for $1 – now there’s a deal I can’t walk away from and why my basement has so many boxes in it. 😉

Anyway, some time later the urge to create art struck me and I discovered I had only this derelict canvas and some blue paint on hand – so I just slapped it on around the outline of a leaping rabbit – leaving the rabbit blank for the colour below to shine through! Voila! Another great find for you or another giggle!

By the way folks, because I’m addicted to selling and buying, and because I must move some of the accumulation out before making or acquiring more, all these paintings are for sale and could find their way into your home or office or trendy boutique that needs to be livened up. Hmmmmm – I’m thinking along the lines of the recent pieces I have done about decorating with art and art at a price point for everyone – what do you think?

The kitchen? A garden room? The bathroom? A “rogues gallery” along a hall?  The Rabbit would live happily in a baby’s room. Maybe an older kid would like “sputnik”.

At any rate, should you want to talk about acquiring one of these original “Mich” canvases then get in touch  with me –  mailto:mich@redkettle.com

Until next week – greetings from the left coast to my friends in more frigid parts of the nation and the world.  Mich


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