Art can be affordable and fun! A few years ago I wanted to add some retro zing to my home decor, and commissioned a young Victoria art student, Eli McGinty, to paint some large Pop Art, Andy Warhol style paintings for me.

Eli came through in great style, painting the Hollywood icons of a golden age: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Audrey and Marilyn are gone now, but Liz chugs on, in her eighties but sporting a new young male companion to push her wheelchair when she goes out! Unsinkable!!

 Just in time to beat those February winter blahs and light up your indoor spaces, I’m offering Audrey Hepburn (a very big statement at 44×40 inches)…….

                          Marilyn…. all 30inches square of her….

         and…… a young and sultry Liz…also at 30 inches square

 For several summers when they weren’t hanging in our home, they were the focal point of the garden party my partner throws for her lady friends from work… mixed with found objects and flea market treasures they made a fresh and different statement in the garden….

 Look at the great contrast of bright splashes of colour against the verdant setting of our garden (our pride and joy!)

These lovely originals – far more exciting than a repro Warhol poster (been there, done that!!)  – show the individual brush strokes and the huge splashes of intense colour will sparkle in  any setting.

I can imagine these in a midcentury modern home decor and they would make an exciting statement on the walls of a spa, salon, boutique or media offices setting, as well as giving you a business expenses deduction for their purchase.

And, as promised, this art is most definitely affordable at $250 for each original canvas, ready to hang on your wall! Contact me for purchase details. If you wish to purchase all three we can work out a very attractive package for you!!

Hope you are beating the winter blues and that the spring flowers will soon be popping out.

Until next week!  Mich


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