Native Art from my Collection at Levis Auction March 2 to 12, 2011

The March 2 to 12 online auction at Levis is posted now and open for bidding. To view all the details of each piece shown below, go to
Please note that the Native Art is only the first 5 pages of the listings – the rest is an auction of fine books on trout fishing over the last several hundred years.

lot 2 Eddie Cobiness Eight Bunnies


lot 3 Eddie Cobiness - Bunny Family

I have three lovely Cobiness watercolours listed, any one of which would look great in any room in your house or make a fine gift.

lot 4 Eddie Cobiness - Two Ducks

I think Cobiness may be one of the best-kept secrets in First Nations art today.

lot 5 Blair DeBassige - Man Floating

There is a great mix of large and small pieces from approximately 4.5 inches square to an acrylic on canvas measuring 36×24; some pieces are framed while others are unframed and there are a mix of prints and originals. I think too that the mix between strongly spiritual and more everyday subjects is a good one.

lot 65 John Laford - Black Ash Basket

Two Lafords in his very distinctive style:

lot 66 John Laford Fall Gathering of Fish


lot 87 Carl Ray - Animal Spirit

A very strong statement by  Carl Ray

lot 87.1 Corinna Ray - untitled - Spring is in the Air

and a gentler statement by his talented daughter Corinna

lot 95 Bill Reid - Untitled - Haida Bird

There are three powerful Bill Reid prints

lot 94 Bill Reid Haida Dogfish - Xaxada

a bird, a dogfish which is a kind of small shark,

lot 93 Bill Reid - Haida Grizzly - Huaji

and a totemic grizzly.

lot 104 Cecil Youngfox - untitled - Lovers in the Spring

And finally, there is a Cecil Youngfox acrylic on canvas  called Lovers in the Spring, from 1981.

I am pleased to be able to present such a large collection of very significant works, and would encourage you to go look through the catalogue, register and place some bids. If you are the winner of any of these, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for looking , the auction will close on Saturday Mar 12 at 3PM, Calgary time.      Go to

All the best!



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