My featured art today is an impressive painting by Isaac Bignell:  I acquired the painting some time ago from his manager.
It is a soaring, hopeful work which has been a feature in my home, but now it’s time to offer it to the art-loving public, along with a wonderful Haida mask by James Leslie, which will be my next post’s featured work.

Isaac Bignell - acrylic on canvas, 60x54 1993

 Isaac Bignell, of Cree descent, was born in 1958 on the Opaskwayak Nation (The Pas) 400 miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba. He learned early to live off the land and was a frequent participant in drumming and dancing and other community activities.

He was largely a self-taught artist  whose spiritualism was a major factor in the content of his paintings. He was at the peak of his career when in 1995, at the age of 37 he died of a head injury following a fall. 

This large painting has a spare and simple, but lyrical and hopeful message to the viewer. It would be equally at home as a focal point in a business or professional office, organization or educational setting. It also lends itself to display in any home that has a large wall area that will allow both distance viewing and close up examination. In particular, it is a very good companion to the James Leslie Bella Cool Raven mask I will show you next time we meet.

If you wish to contact me regarding this inspiring Isaac Bignell work, email me at   mich@redkettle

Until later, Mich


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