Benjamin Chee Chee – Gouache on Heavy Paper – Canada Goose

Benjamin Chee Chee 18×24 gouache on heavy paper, signed and dated 1975

I hope you enjoyed a great weekend and are refreshed and ready for what the week will bring. One thing it brings is the close of Heffel’s Fine Art Auction on Thursday – only three days away. If you’re thinking of bidding on this lovely Chee Chee of mine which they have listed, go over to:  and check out the details. This is perhaps his most graceful Canada Goose and is a serene and lovely image, suitable for display anywhere in your home or office.

Make sure to take a look and bid in time!

Have a great week and contact me should you need further info on this or any other work I have in my inventory.  Also keep in mind, if you are thinking of selling any of your art, that I am in need of inventory, having successfully sold most of my stock. Contact me – – if you are thinking of selling.

Until next time – Mich!!!


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