Riopelle at Levis Online Auction Closing May 7, 2011

A reminder about this beautiful Riopelle litho  from the Gallery Maeght publication ‘Derniere le Miroir’ – a highly respected limited edition periodical reflecting what was new and groundbreaking in the arts in Paris, where Riopelle worked and received international recognition during the post WW2 period. Each issue contained a double page spread of art suitable for framing.
and will close on Saturday May 7/11 at 3PM Calgary time.

jean-paul riopelle - print from 'derniere le miroir'

This is your opportunity to own a lovely piece of Canadian and International art history at a very reasonable price and it will enhance any home or office.

Add to your collection of Canadian art, or begin here, with a work by one of the leading painters of the Quebec cultural renaissance – the Quiet Revolution.

All details are on the Levis site, and there is a longer, more informative posting in my blog archives at

Take time to look over this great piece – and other great pieces that Levis is auctioning this Saturday.

Watch for another post with interesting news on Thursday or Friday…. Until then – Mich


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