NEWS about an Isaac Bignell painting and a James Leslie Haida ceremonial mask

For the last six months, my quilt artist friend Janet ( from the other end of the country has been the presence and the energy behind my blog – I suggest topics and she writes the blog.
We discuss marketing a lot, since she is also a business person who has had a successful website for ten years now and has lots of fresh ideas for me to consider.
A major focus of discussion  lately has been how to expand my clientele into the group of younger, less affluent collectors and want-to-be collectors; and how to make buying art for this group a more user-friendly experience. 
We have decided to change the conditions of sale for two works as an experiment: for a limited time, I will be offering these two pieces on a two or more  parts  equal instalment plan with the pieces shipping on receipt of the last payment.
As is usual, as part of the promotion of these pieces, suggestions will be made as to how best to display art like this in your home.
I hope this new direction in art sales will work as well for you as I expect it to work for me and am open to communicating further on terms and conditions of sale.
NOW: a description of these lovely pieces!!
Swallows in Flight - Isaac Bignell - 60x60 inches
Above is my beautiful, soaring “A New Tomorrow” an acrylic on canvas by Isaac Bignell. The painting measures 54×60 inches. This was painted in 1993 and was acquired by me several years ago directly from Bignell’s  agent in Winnipeg. This painting has been in my private collection since then, but I have decided to offer it for sale. The original post about this painting, with more details is here:
PRICE AND CONDITIONS:  $4995 plus shipping; available through instalments to be agreed upon at time of sale, to be shipped either in the  frame or removed from frame and rolled in a postal tube, the latter is a less desirable option. Contact me mich@redkettle or contact Janet with your offer, or any other questions..

Bella Coola Raven Ceremonial Mask by James Leslie

James Leslie has long been recognized as one of the major forces in the revitalization of sacred and ceremonial objects used in Haida feasts, and traditional ceremonies.  For a detailed analysis of the place of this beautiful mask in Haida culture look here:

This major piece of Canadian heritage and art will be a treasure to cherish and will take pride of place in any collection.

PRICE and CONDITIONS: $2495 plus shipping, available through installments to be agreed upon at time of sale. Contact me or Janet with your offer, or any other questions.


Coming up next: a run down of my newly acquired pieces – hope you like them!

So long – Mich


One response to “NEWS about an Isaac Bignell painting and a James Leslie Haida ceremonial mask

  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you ever sold your Isaac Bignell painting? I have two originals and one print of his. My mother has one of wood ducks as large as yours on canvas. Two of mine are typical Bignell’s (print of goose and larger original of two herons) but the other is an original done on dark blue paper and is the spirit of a male, back-lit by a full moon. It was a commissioned piece that Isaac did special for me. Apparently there are extremely few of his paintings done using the night sky. They are extremely beautiful when you do find them.
    The reason I ask if you sold yours is that I often consider selling mine and wonder how long it took?

    Dawn McDonnal

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