A Piece BY ROBERT GENN, one by CARL RAY and a fresh new painting by Carl’s daughter CORINNA RAY

I want to give you a little visual teaser prior to writing a more detailed blog posting next week about these new acquisitions.

Robert Genn - artist's proof

The above is an artist’s proof for a print by Robert Genn and comes beautifully framed. The soft, quiet and supremely restful colours will sing quietly in your home. Contact me mich@redkettle.com if you can’t wait to find out more!

carl ray - medecine fox - 1977

I’ve just gotten this important Carl Ray painting – Medecine Fox – 1977 back from the framer and am waiting for a book I’ve ordered that Carl Ray provided the illustrations for – Sacred Myths of the Sandy Lake Cree – so I have all the details about the tale of the Medecine Fox fresh in my mind. This could be the focal point of a carefully curated collection of First Nations art. I wish I were keeping it  😉

And also from Sandy Lake, Carl’s daughter, Corinna has just sent me a marvelous new painting of a Flying Owl – it is as yet unframed – having come out of Sandy by small plane, tucked under Corinna’s arm  when she recently visited family in Sioux Lookout. Unframed fresh canvases are never at their best advantage so we’ll wait on that one while it gets framed – contact me though, if you are interested in either the Carl Ray or the Corinna Rae: mich@redkettle.com


And finally, folks, I want to ask a big favour – I’m still a bit low in inventory and would be interested to hear about any works you have by Canadian artists like Kurelek, Robert Genn, Riopelle etc

Also Native Artists: Daphne Odjig, Benjamin Chee Chee, Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray, Roy Thomas, Alex Janvier, Josh Kakegamic, Saul Williams, Sam ash etc.

And Canadian Folk Artists such as Maud Lewis, Joe Norris, Joe Fafard, Ted Harrison, Mendelson Joe, and Charles Pachter.

If you have any pieces you wish to sell that you think I may be interested in, drop me line: mich@redkettle.com – and thanks!

Until next time – Mich (and Janet)


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