Two fresh new Corinna Ray paintings and a George Rae Menendez retro watercolour

The other evening Mich and I were bouncing ideas by email across the country about how best to market some of his art inventory.
As we often do, we were discussing how to make art more affordable for the new collector. My feeling has always been that we need to do what it takes to make it possible for a collector to begin, and what it takes  often can include equal installment purchases, as I  do for people who purchase the quilts that  I create.
My feeling is that art and fine craft should and can be affordable to everyone, as there are different price points at which you can start collecting, and different types of art which will attract and please you
Mich then surprised me by offering me three more pieces of art to add to the Isaac Bignell and James Leslie I am already promoting using a somewhat different approach from his.
So below I want to talk about these three new pieces:

Corinna Ray - "caribou"

Corinna Ray – “caribou”

Above are two shots of a new Corinna Ray canvas “Caribou” . This painting has a strongly detailed central motif of a caribou – very much in the First Nations traditional painting style. The central figure is moving in front of a pale rainbow-like wash.

Corinna Ray – “bear cub”

Corinna Ray - "bear cub"

Corinna’s second new piece is a small bear cub – again in a highly detailed and very traditional style that is typical of both Corinna’s and her father Carl Ray’s work, as well as other Woodland artists. The colour and detailing are beautifully done and reflect an innate respect for the subject. Again the central figure of the cub and tree stump are backed by a pale wash of streaky colour, which serves to emphasise the subject.
The two canvasses are each acrylic on canvas sized 21×24.
PRICE: $250 each canvas + shipping
$475  + shipping for both canvases
shipped unframed in a mailing tube – suggested framing: on stretchers – CONTACT to discuss purchase terms

Pond Skaters - watercolour 14x20 - George Rae Menendez

Above is is watercolour attributed to George Rae Menendez – this piece came from an auction which featured a large number of Menendez’ works and when Mich first acquired it although unframed, it was matted and the mat bore Menendez’ signature. The mat is now mislaid so it is attribution only.

This is a very comfortable piece with which to begin a collection, both in terms of style and also as the price is definitely right!

The above link shows another of Menendez’ paintings, but more importantly, gives a very good resume of his life and career.

Redkettle’s Menendez watercolour, Pond Skaters, is a clean, crisp and very retro piece that would fit comfortably into any home and any room within a home. I can see it or something like it above the mantel of the home I grew up in during the late 50’s or early 60’s – I love this piece, even though my favourite pieces depict seascapes or historical domestic architecture – the colours are so clear and bright and you can almost hear the children squealing with joy and the swishing sound that skates make on ice.

PRICE: $275 + shipping – shipped in a mailing tube

Contact me: janet to discuss purchase terms – remember all the paintings and the Haida mask can be yours by instalment!

Next we’ll talk about why your home needs art as a finishing decorative touch.

Until next time – Janet   and   Mich!


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