New works: Robert Genn and Carl Ray

Carl Ray - Medicine Fox - close up of signature



Carl Ray's Medicine Fox - ink and gouache on paper - 24x27 - 1977

Ray’s Medicine Fox as seen in the home


 Today I’m helping Mich celebrate the acquisition of this wonderful Carl Ray original – it has just come back from the framer’s and is ready to go to a new home – although Mich is enjoying having it over his fireplace these days.
As many of you know, Carl Ray was born and raised on the Sandy Lake Reserve, a fly-in only location except for a brief period when it can be accessed by a winter ice-road.
He was immersed in the sacred myths and stories of his people from a young age and as a largely self-taught artist he painted the images that tell the stories. This was  to the dismay of some elders, who felt the myths should remain available only as spoken word passed from elders to younger inheritors of the word. Ray felt so condemned that he left the reserve for a long period of time, during which he became a hard rock miner and also was treated for tuberculosis.
Upon his return to Sandy he found the climate had changed and people were more receptive to the sacred stories having a wider audience. It was finally acknowledged that otherwise the stories would die with the elders since the young coming along had little use for this inheritence after an education which did not recognize its validity and worth. It didn’t hurt that Norval Morrisseau was also pushing through his art to bring the First Nations stories to a wider public.
It was during this period that Carl Ray teamed up with a folklorist –  James Stevens – translating the Nation’s stories into colloquial English and also creating the lovely art work that filled the book: Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree, published by McClelland and Stewart in 1971
ISBN 0-7710-8355-6
 At the top of the post are three different shots of this lovely work – details as follows: ink and gouache on paper, signed bottom right hand side in syllabics and dated 1977, size: 27×24 inches. The piece is framed archivally  and ready to hang. Check with Mich for details re: purchase.

(Another tease from a future post: the last of the three pictures shows the way in which art and collectible objects can enhance one another and lend a unique air to your home!)


Below a view of a work recently acquired: a print by Robert Genn – a painter who has found a definite regional niche in Western Canada – the soft, muted but strong pastel colours can be used to enhance any home and will add that pop of subtle colour to a mainly white, natural wood and patinated metal objects decor that has taken over the hearts of American and European homemakers recently.

This print is proof positive that you can start collecting by making a very small investment – contact to see how easy it is to acquire this framed and ready to hang piece for your home.

With Father’s Day coming up in just a few weeks, this might be just the thing for the dad who has everything except a nice calm and contemplative piece reflecting his love of the Canadian outdoors!

That’s it for today, folks! See you again towards the end of this week! Mich and Janet


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