Owl with Moose - acrylic on canvas - Corinna Ray

Today I am very pleased to show you two fresh new Corinna Ray paintings.

As you probably know, Corinna Ray is the daughter of the late Carl Ray, who has an established place in the group of First Nations artists who rose to prominence in the 1970’s. Corinna is a very talented artist who has lived since birth in the isolated Northern Ontario community of Sandy Lake. Her community is a fly-in settlement which is equidistant to Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

closer view of Owl with Moose - acrylic on canvas - Corinna Ray

The above painting is available unframed, 28×40, for $450 plus shipping; or can be purchased framed behind glass with acid free mats and metal frame(total framed size: 36×48) for $600 plus the cost of courier shipping, insured.

Owl in Flight - acrylic on canvas - 20x24 sight, 24x28 with frame - Corinna Ray

Above is the second painting by Corinna Ray – a companion piece – Owl in Flight – this is also acrylic on canvas and is framed behind glass in a metal frame – framed size 24×28 for $350 plus shipping and insurance costs.

These two paintings would make a great statement together or seperately and Mich looks forward to hearing from you:


In addition to these two brand new Corinna Ray paintings, RedKettle also has two other great paintings: “Caribou” and “Bear Cub” by Corinna.

Bear Cub - 21x24 - acrylic on canvas - Corinna Ray

These two paintings show the inherent respect for the wildlife of the great Canadian north shown in their work by both Corinna Ray and her father Carl Ray, and by many other painters of First Nations origin.

Caribou - acrylic on canvas - 21x24 - Corinna Ray

These two slightly smaller paintings are available unframed and rolled for mailing in a postal tube at a cost of $250 plus postage and insurance each, or you may choose to buy them both for $475 and mailing and insurance.

Each of these show Corinna Ray’s distinctive style, her regard for wildlife and her creative mix of abstract and pictorial features; coupled with a clearly First Nations point of view.

For more details:

Mich is looking forward to the next post which will include a couple of other new pieces recently added to RedKettle’s inventory.

See you soon! Mich and Janet



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