Two great new pieces – Toni Onley and Sid Barron

Fishing Fleet - Sid Barron - acrylic on board - 19.5x22.5

Mich is very pleased to show his two new acquisitions: above is an acrylic on board by artist Sid Barron. Barron was born in Toronto in 1917 and moved with his parents to Victoria, British Columbia in 1919. In addition to being a lifelong artist, he was a well known editorial cartoonist, published in many newspapers and periodicals. He left a significant and highly respected body of work; the above painting is an excellent example.

Fishing Fleet - Sid Barron - reverse of .Mt.Baker from Arbutus Ridge Golf and Country Club - Toni Onley - w/c 11x15

To read more about Sid Barron, check out

To discuss details about this painting, contact  – this painting would go really well with a retro 50’s decor, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Mich’s second new piece this week is one of Toni Onley’s powerful and distinctive watercolour landscapes – what’s not to like here? Gorgeous, isn’t it? This lovely watercolour will stand on it’s own or as part of a larger group of Onley watercolours…..

Mt.Baker from Arbutus Ridge Golf and Country Club - Toni Onley - w/c 11x15

Representational art is only part of Onley’s prolific body of work – he worked on collages, “lyrical abstraction” , and a series of exquisitely detailed small drawings made from the air while piloting his own aircraft. Onley(b.1917, Isle of Man) died in the crash of his small plane on a glacier in BC in 2004.

Visit the dedicated website at: to learn more about this artist’s output. You’ll enjoy the experience.

To learn more about either of these lovely Canadian paintings, contact

Until the next time –  Mich and Janet



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