Before talking about beginning to collect Canadian art, I’d like to remind folks that RedKettle currently has a special promotion involving  a selection of 5 very desirable pieces.

George Ray Menendez - watrercolour: Pond Skaters

Above is a lovely watercolour from the late 50’s by George Rae-Menendez, which is affordably priced at $275 and can be purchased by making two equal instalments a month apart. Price is plus shipping and the painting ships unframed on the final payment clearing the bank.

A New Tomorrow - Isaac Bignell acrylic on canvas approx 5 feet square

This painting could also make a very strong statement in your professional office, reception area or board/meeting room. On a practical note, it could offer you a very nice tax break if donated to your favourite ‘not-for-profit’ – check it out with Mich. Asking price is $4995 but he is open to reasonable offers and again, instalments can be negotiated.


Below I’m showing two companion pieces by Corinna Ray of the isolated Northwestern Ontario Anishnawbe reserve of Sandy Lake. Sandy Lake has been in the news lately as the entire population of the settlement has been evacuated by air due to the extreme smoke conditions – the fire has not reached the settlement and it is hoped it will not, but the health risks from the smoke have been extreme. We wish good fortune to Corinna – may she be back home soon!

Caribou: Corinna Ray, Acrylic on canvas

The above acrylic on rolled canvas is entitled Caribou and is priced at $250 plus shipping by Canada Post in a mailing tube,As is the painting below.

If you opt to buy both of Corinna’s pieces, you can have them for $475 both rolled in the one tube, which would be a good saving on shipping.
These paintings are eligible for payment by two equal installments and will ship as soon as the second payment clears.
Check Mich’s main website: as he has several other significant pieces by Corinna that you may be interested in.

Bella Coola Raven Mask - James Leslie

I saved my favourite for last today! This remarkable ceremonial mask is a mixed media treasure in painted cedar, braided bark and bone beads. It has a clacker hidden inside to add a further dimension of sound to the striking visual display. It is painted in traditional Haida colours and is in immacualate condition. A joy to own and display and Mich is open to your reasonable  offer and can arrange instalments  – he is asking $2495 for this scarce and unusual mask.

Do you feel that you are ready to start collecting some Canadian art?
Wondering where to get started?
Remember, nothing is permanent when you are a developing collector and most collectors purchase what appeals to them and continue to hone their instincts about art over many years, weeding out what no longer interests them, or finding better examples.
I’ve been collecting now for over 50 years and have few of the items I started out with – some I miss and wish I’d never parted with – some I can’t even remember. But, what is on my walls and shelves right now reflects the same basic interest in a wide variety of Canadian art that I’ve always had – folk art, views of built heritage and ships, and coastal areas.

Seagull on a buoy 1997 Roseville Tanner

You can’t go wrong with buying what currently appeals to you and there is nothing wrong with passing stuff on at a yard sale or consignment shop  – which is also a sometime source of new treasures.

wilfred cyr - two saltbankers 16x20 oil on board

Another way to feel the pulse of your local art scene is to visit galleries, museums and auction houses, as well as keeping an eye on trends in art by following blogs such as this one.
If you are collecting art as inexpensively as possible, you are unlikely to find a lost Group of Seven painting in the back room of a thrift shop,. but you will find lots of things by less well known artists that still have integrity and value and will thrill your eye.
Whatt you need to develop is the courage of your convictions as to what is right for you, and the confidence to know what is available and to sift out what strikes your eye and you feel you can live with over time.
What’s on your walls?
Hope the weather where you are is acceptable or failing that you have an air conditioned home workplace.
Remember, if you see something you like and want to know more about, contact
Until next time: all the best from Janet (East) and Mich (West) and enjoy the summer!


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