Redkettle’s Recent Finds: Great New Art!

John Joy, SCA: 1925- : "Drag River 1980 signed oil on board 8x10 inches

Today I have four new Redkettle acquisitions to show you. Mich is attracted to fine quality works, no matter the style and origin. These four small works are from the earlier half of the 20th century and reflect painstaking accuracy, realism  and technical skill. These are smaller works, but by no means can be overlooked and will serve as a good starting point to a developing collection or to round out a group of similar larger paintings.

The first painting, Drag River by John Joy who was born in Toronto in 1925 and is still alive, was painted in 1980 by this member of the SCA, who was trained at the Ontario College of Art. It is an oil on board sized at 8×10 and signed and dated in the lower right corner. The rich golden colour of the winter-dried grasses and the deep dark coloured waters of the small river add touches of colour to a winter scene and draw the eye into the painting. I think you will like the competence and ease that Joy exhibits in this lovely small study.

Next I want to show you a group of three informal studies of animals – this type of study was popular among European (and Canadian) artists in the later years of the Victorian period and the first 30 or so years of the 20th century. Sentimentality was being accepted as part of the zeitgeist of the time and helped to fuel the appetite for art of a more informal style that ‘told a story’ or was suitable for family areas of a home.

The first study I show you is strongly reminiscent of Albrecht Durer’s study of a rabbit completed 300 years earlier, and has a sweetness of expression. It is an attractive piece

Rabbit by Ella Blaschek (Austrian) 1873-1960

painted by Ella Blaschek, an Austrian working around the turn of the 20th century.

Robert Fuchs 1896-1981 studies of a cat

Robert Fuchs, another Austrian artist sketched these enchanting studies of a kitten, probably sometime around the late twenties, earlier thirties of the twentieth century. I can see this making a charming introduction to art for a small child – a lovely focal point for a little girl’s room.

Carl Froschl - 'cat in a basket' signed and dated(1915) watercolour, unframed

The final original work is this very competent watercolour which catches a sleek tabby just at the point in time when he is about to overbalance a wastebasket full of discarded papers. This is a small, but fully developed, watercolour sized at 6.25×4.25 and executed by an Austrian, Carl Froschl: it reflects genre paintings of this period. This type of work, from this period, is very much in demand today, and is especially suitable for the smaller urban and suburban houses from this period which are being rehabbed across North America today.

You can’t go wrong choosing any of the original works offered by Redkettle today and in order to discuss purchase details you can contact

Keep in mind that the special promotion on 5 spectacular Canadian and First Nations works which is announced here

will be ending soon. Go take a look at these 5 desirable and exciting works, and then email to make your arrangements to acquire one of these beauties.

Until we talk again next week – bye for now from Mich in Victoria, and Janet on the other side of the country! 


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