An Update on RedKettle’s Current Art Inventory

"Fishing Fleet" by Sid Barron

I realized today while thinking about a topic for this week’s post, that I haven’t done an update on Mich’s RedKettle inventory for some time.

I started listing artists and current work that Mich has, and was really surprised at the breadth and depth of his current art inventory.

Of course, he has a good supply of First Nations art, as this is his special area of interest – painters such as Isaac Bignell and Corinna Ray, and makers of Haida ceremonial items, such as James Leslie’s Bella Coola Raven clacker mask – choose a stunning piece to display in your home!


In addition, he has a fair number of ‘retro’ and vintage pieces by the likes of George Rae-Menendez with Pond Skaters, and an interesting grouping of European late Victorian and Edwardian period painters.

Mich’s inventory also features a good selection of works by regional West Coast Canadian painters, such as Sid Barron, James Izzard and Toni Onley.

Please note that the Toni Onley watercolour will be offered for sale through Levis Fine Art Auctions in Calgary on Nov 6 as lot #140 and can be bid for online – contact Levis for a paddle number and meanwhile, take a closer look at this and other Levis listings at   





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