RedKettle’s art at auction: Bid Now!

Some news about two very desirable original paintings I have placed at auction with Westbridge Fine Art Auctions on Fir Street in Vancouver.

You can bid now online or you can, if you prefer, arrange to be admitted to the live auction at the gallery to bid. Read all the details at the website and make sure you get authorized to bid.

Above is my Isaac Bignell (1958-1995) an unframed acrylic on canvas sized at a huge 54×60 inches. This piece, called “Toward a New Day” is a stylized painting of swallows in flight expressing a soaring freedom – this one is an impressive winner! Lot #52. Signed on lower left and dated ’93.

Below is a striking small painting – oil on panel 12×10 and framed, it is called Houses on Ambleside, West Vancouver and is by Daniel Izzard (1923-2007) This is a stunning painting and will be a treasured part of your collection. Lot #10 – bid now!

You will be surprised at the low starting values so try your bids!


Some other tidbits: First I want to thank all the visitors we’ve been having lately for pushing our daily statistics to a new high – we had 106 visitors yesterday and this is a new all time high!!

In addition, I just noticed that there was no search feature on the blog and so have added this most useful feature – look for the widget in the top of the right hand column – it will help to zero in on subjects and artists you are interested in reading more about.

Check back soon for the post about the upcoming Levis auction – I have two pieces up for bids there too – a Kurelek print and a Harold Town.


See you soon folks! Janet and Mich (




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