A Striking Kwakiutl Mask by James Leslie


Perhaps one of the most exciting things about sharing a post with you each week is the opportunity, through research, to learn more about the art of our vast country and to learn more too about Canada’s  history and diverse peoples.



This week I will be sharing some of the sites I looked through today in my search for information to inform my appreciation of this magnificent Kwakiutl ceremonial mask By James Leslie. I urge you to use these links to read further :






This beautifully carved, woven and paint decorated ceremonial clacker mask of a Kwakiutl Raven has been created by James Leslie, who  studied and trained under both Tony Hunt Sr and Jr on Vancouver Island. As you will discover by reading the content of the above-noted websites, the Hunts were instrumental in saving the carving traditions of their forebears for future generations and are descended from a long line of ceremonial carvers.



James Leslie’s mask has been carved from cedar and paint decorated using the colours and symbolry of the Kwakiutl people. The mask was worn on top of the head, as shown in the photograph at the top of this post, and the  fringe hid the dancer from sight while allowing him to see out through the braided strands of cedar bark.

The mask merasures 29x9x9 inches and comes complete with the stand on which it is displayed.

On top of the raven’s head is a small carved human skull, nestled in a nest of cedar bark.

This magnificent one-of-a-kind mask can form the focal point of your West Coast Native Art collection! Contact mich@redkettle.com for details regarding pricing and shipping to your address. As always, Mich is willing to discuss several equal monthly payments so that acquiring this lovely original piece of art is feasible for you!



In closing, Mich and I wish all our readers a happy and safe holiday season and for there to be Peace and Plenty on earth this Christmas.

Until 2012 – Season’s Greetings from Mich and Janet





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