Original Art: four delightful animal studies


Mich and I want to wish all our friends checking in with us a very happy, peaceful and  healthy New Year. The celebrations are over, and we now need to get through until Spring is with us once more, which reminds me that i must bring more firewood in the house to warm up by the airtight stove.

Mich seems to be well supplied with great art to show you over the next few weeks so we will start out the New Year with a grouping of interesting animal studies: modestly priced originals which are nicely framed and ready to hang in your home as soon as you receive them.

The first is a lovely oil painting of a young tabby cat surveying the world from her hiding spot in the shrubs – this sweet 12×20 painting will attract animal lovers everywhere and will fit comfortably into any spot in your house – for only $395 you can’t go wrong. This delightful study would be a charming addition to a child’s room, but is sophisticated enough to delight an adult as the perfect gift. Mother’s Day is just a few m0nths away, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Contact mich@redkettle.com for details regarding artist, size and shipping.

The above watercolour original by Carl Froschl is dated 1914 and is nicely framed in  art deco style. It depicts the moment just before this curious cat overbalances the wastebasket in a flurry of papers and scurrying kitty. This expertly accomplished little study is a small slice of family life in the popular genre of that time in Europe and would look especially good in one of the many urban homes across Canada from the early 20th century that are being rehabbed just now.  Framed, signed and ready to hang at a very modest $199 plus shipping, this original will set an authentic note in your period home.

Another small animal study – just 6×6, this pencil sketch depicts a young cat in various poses – again, it is nicely and simply framed and will look lovely perhaps as one of a grouping, or placed by itself in a vignette of small objects on a bookshelf or fireplace mantel – again this lovely little piece will go to you for $199 plus shipping. contact mich@redkettle.com to learn more about this study by Robert Fuchs.



The  pastel original of a rabbit comes from Austria and of the same period as the other two small pieces and is reminiscent of an Albrecht Durer study done several centuries earlier. It is a masterful work which is so serene that it takes a while to realize the technical skills displayed in it. Mich tells me he is happy to keep this piece as he is very happy with it – always a good recommendation.

Framed, this lovely original can be yours for $225 plus shipping. Contact mich@redkettle.com.


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