Featuring Two Classic Canadian Artists


Today, Redkettle Gallery’s blog is featuring works by two of Canada’s classic 20th century artists. Click the links given to learn more about these artists and their work featured today. 

The first is an early (1965) print published as part of the portfolio “Toronto 20′. by the Jerrold Morris Gallery. This was a  limited edition series, and the work is numbered 64/100.

A rare find, this print reflects in its strong religious symbolism the primary place that Roman Catholicism had taken  in Kurelek’s life, and as befits the quality of this print, it comes framed in archival materials behind non-UV glass.

Check out the post here:

https://redkettle.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/william-kurelek-canadian-artist/    which is dedicated to Kurelek’s history, and check out:


to see this work in high resolution detail.


Above is an oil on stret6cher frame measuring 18×24. This significant original work of art will be the focal point of any room. Shives is a well regarded painter working out  of Vancouver. He studied at centres in California, receiving a bachelor of fine arts and had a long relationship with his mentor the late Toni Onley.


This work reflects his sure and capable technical skills and will give a great deal of pleasure to its new owner.

Check out the large high resolution image here:



For more information, contact mich@redkettle.com  Until next week……………









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