Does your home part say who you are? “Home is the place your belong to.”- Maritime saying

Question: If someone were to break into your home, think they would they like the people that live there by the art on the walls? Hope so. Your home art should represent the real you. It’s always been my belief that burglars would make a pot of coffee,  sit back and enjoy the art in my home and leave empty handed but enlightened.  Good art = Good people.  Nuff said.  Doctors probably have a word for it but lately my home art has become blow-up photos of my large french Canadian family growing up in northern Ontario. After years of living with great Canadian art on the walls, I’ve chosen to enjoy the beauty of family in ’50’s Canada. Lately my home art collection is personal. It’s snap shots of family life that ground me and let me know my roots.  A burglar would be walking into a Barnes photo album and that is fine. Like the family the pics celebrate, make coffee, and leave by the front door.  Have a great day everyone.  Mornin’ Janet.


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