Why collect ART? Let me count the reasons.

Why collect ART? I mean besides the fact that you work hard and deserve beauty in your life. Here are reasons to start collecting art. Here goes:
-Art enhances your quality of life.
-It is a good investment.
-There is only one.
-It is an expression of yourself. The Real you is shown in your taste.
-Art is personal. No one is wrong for liking a certain style and disliking another.
-It is great to come home to at the end of the day. It inspires.
-Art challenges us and engages us. It creates a dialogue within.
-It encourages us to question: What is this piece saying to me? Why does it affect me so?
-Art delights and tells us things. It tells us about ourself in the process.
-Art is forgiving. Like a good dog it loves you for you and only wants to please and calm you.
-It opens us to a community of like minded people who enjoy colour, line, and visual expression.
-When can I start? Now. Don’t worry about the search- Good art finds you.
-You are Home with good art around you. It is a great thing to wake to and say goodnight to.
In a cold changing world, you fit. Good art is a good friend. Enjoy the easy rapport and love.
Art is you. Beautiful and to be treasured.


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