About Redkettle Art

Welcome to the blog for Redkettle Art & Collectibles

Our main web site for art sales is: www.redkettle.com

Redkettle is 12 years old and carries some of the finest art in Canada. We also buy. See list at bottom.

Master Artists of Canada features original works by Jean-Paul Riopelle, Marc A. Fortin, Henri Leopold Masson, Stanley Cosgrove, Armand Tatossian, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Jesus Carlos de Villilonga, Leon Bellefleur, and Paul Vanier Beaulieu.

Our Gallery of Contemporary Canadian Art carries original works by national favourites such as Toni Onley, David Brown Milne, William Goodridge Roberts, and Will Gordon.

Our Maritime Folk Art of Canada gallery showcases “The Mattisse of Canadian Folk Art”. To own a Maud Lewis, a Joe Norris, or an Arthur Villeneuve is to own the crown jewels of Canadian Folk.

Redkettle’s Inuit & Native Art of Canada features the most respected names in the country- Norval Morrisseau, Carl Ray, Benjamin Chee Chee, Daphne Odjig, Alex Janvier, Joshim Kakegamic, and Eddy Cobiness.

Our Outsider/Visionary Art page carries some of the finest North American folk artists, namely from Mose Tolliver, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, and Sybil Gibson.

Biography section features life on the other end of the brush.

Please browse through our current inventory and return periodically to look for new works. Prices in Canadian dollars. Shipping charges apply and taxes where applicable. GST and PST (Federal and Provincial taxes) not included.

WANTED TO BUY: Native Woodlands Art by Daphne Odjig, Benjamin Chee Chee, Carl Ray, Eddy Cobiness, Cecil Youngfox, and Alex Janvier. Canadian Folk Art by Joe Norris, Joe Fafard, Maud Lewis, Ted Harrison, and William Kurelek.

Grab a chair, kettle’s on.

Your host,

Mich Barnes – Proprietor


4 responses to “About Redkettle Art

  1. I liked your Jackson Beardy picture, on birch bark, of the duck catching the fish

  2. Excellent taste! Jackson Beardy left us far too young at only 40 years of age from a heart attack. He had problems with ulcers all his life and the pain was often immense but it never affected the joy and colour in his art. I hope you read his fascinating bio on http://www.redkettle.com artist bio section.

  3. We have several pieces of original Native Woodlands Art. Included are a watercolour by Eddy Cobiness dated 1976; three paintings by Roy Thomas: Dragonfly dated 1975, Hibernation dated 1978 and Bird’s Headress dated 1978, plus others. We are investigating selling the collection. Would you be interested?

  4. I have a piece of work by Kurelek called Quebec Children would like to get some response on it.

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