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Redkettle Gallery’s Current Works: First Nations Canadian Artists

Today, Redkettle Gallery’s blog is featuring the current inventory of works by artists who are members of Canada’s First Nations. Above is a powerful work by Floyd Joseph, a numbered serigraph “Wolf Dancing with the Moon” – more details and a close up can be viewed at:


At the moment, Redkettle Gallery is fortunate to have two lovely Haida masks by James Leslie, whose Haida Raven Clacker mask  was sold about a month ago.

These are the intriguing Salish Deer mask seen above and in detail at:

And this Kwakiutl Raven Clacker mask seen in more detail at:


Above, an original – a very large acrylic painting by Isaac Bignell – check out the details at:


Although the paintings below by Corinna Ray of the Sandy Lake community are not shown on the website at the moment, Redkettle Gallery has a handful of these lovely original acrylic on canvas paintings being offered at a low price that reflects the fact that this is an emerging artist.



You can support Ms Ray while she works to achieve her potential as the daughter of Carl Ray – an artist from the same community whose record stands for itself.

Contact Redkettle Gallery: to obtain further details, discuss shipping etc.


Affordable Art and how to find it

Part of any art dealers mission is to introduce collectors early on in their collecting career to good quality art at reasonable prices, and I will be talking on Mich’s behalf today on this aspect of assisting collectors to develop an eye for art.

I mentioned in last week’s post the amazing number of places in Canada where one can see art displayed or visit artists’ studios. I would urge any aspiring collector to visit as many possible sites as possible, both in the real world and in cyberspace. Everything you see will serve to hone your eye for art and your knowledge of what is happening in the world of Canadian art today.

If you are uncertain about actually purchasing art for your own home to start or add to an existing collection, there are many art loan societies who will rent art to you for a small monthly or annual fee. A word of caution – if you fall in love with a piece when you get it home and live with it for a while you may not be able to purchase that piece – many art loan societies are strictly into loan or rental and do not sell their pieces – be sure of the plan before you indulge yourself! I know if I were to rent I would want the option to purchase to be part of the plan, but in noodling around the internet I only found one lease-to-own gallery in the business – they appear to be more of a facilitator between galleries and the purchaser – they purchase a piece of art outright from a dealer and then do a lease/purchase with the prospective buyer and spread the payments over a set period of time.

Take a look though today at the wide variety of reasonably priced art that Mich is offering today – you don’t really need to go elsewhere.

Mich and I both seem to hold to the feeling that if we like and can happily live with a piece, we will acquire it. Since we both operate businesses out of our homes, then this is a good idea as we both live with our inventory until it sells.



Today I will be showing Mich’s current inventory: Below are a lovely grouping of end of the 19th and early 20th century pieces by Austrian artists.



Above is a lovely small watercolour of a rabbit, painted by Ella Blaschek

Above is a series of sketches of a kitten by Robert Fuchs and the first picture, above the rabbit, is an  appealing watercolour of a cat with mischief on its mind by Carl Froschl – any or all of these three small treasures would make an affordable and worthwhile acquisition that would look great together or singly anywhere in your home.

Each one is nicely framed and priced very affordably at $275 PLUS SHIPPING. And for a limited time, Mich is prepared to accept two equal monthly payments with the painting to ship when the second payment clears.



A major sale this week for Mich was his lovely oil  “Fishing Fleet” – this is going to make a bit of a gap on his living room wall!

But he still has a lovely small pen and ink on paper study by Sid Barron called Ships, Victoria BC Harbour shown above. Unframed, shipping will be very inexpensive on this small gem. Mich is asking $295 PLUS SHIPPING for this painting and his offer of two equal monthly payments is available on this lovely piece by a well-known artist.


Mich has several interesting painting by Corinna Ray of Sandy Lake First Nations in Northern Ontario. Lately Corinna has done several very impressive acrylic on canvas paintings and they are shown here:corinna ray - young moose

The acrylic on canvas called Young Moose shown above is 25x42inches – a major size depicting with power and skill an animal Corinna has painted in the native style and clearly with respect and love – this work chronicles her maturation as a skilled and capable artist and is available unframed and rolled for shipping in an exonomical tube. PRICE: $550 plus shipping. Two equal monthly payments are acceptable, with shipping after final payment clears

Another lovely large acrylic on canvas “Moose and Owl” using Corinna’s signature colours of blues, violet and yellow/orange and a large format – 25x40inches. See how well it fits into a home’s decor. Mich is again asking $550 plus shipping unframed and rolled in a tube – two equal payments and shipment when final payment clears.

This last acryloc on canvas painting is smaller and is a lovely study of an owl – at $200 plus shipping, it would make a unique gift for a special person on your list, and is also available for two equal monthly payments.


And finally – the print that started it all for RedKettle. Twenty years ago this was the first piece of art by a Canadian Native Artist that Mich bought. This Floyd Joseph print sold quickly and Mich  thought he would never find another, but here twenty years along and it turned up again. Of course, he had to buy it! This is Wolf Dancing with the Moon 12/180 sized at 25.75x 28inches and with beautiful colours that subtly bring to mind Christmas: green. red, white, black and grey – this print will make a major statement anywhere you choose to hang it.

It is nicely framed with non-reflective glass and an understated black wood frame. Check it out below – wouldn’t you love to own this!

PRICE $1750 PLUS SHIPPING – two equal installments with shipment after final payment clears.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Janet and Mich