Original Art: four delightful animal studies


Mich and I want to wish all our friends checking in with us a very happy, peaceful and  healthy New Year. The celebrations are over, and we now need to get through until Spring is with us once more, which reminds me that i must bring more firewood in the house to warm up by the airtight stove.

Mich seems to be well supplied with great art to show you over the next few weeks so we will start out the New Year with a grouping of interesting animal studies: modestly priced originals which are nicely framed and ready to hang in your home as soon as you receive them.

The first is a lovely oil painting of a young tabby cat surveying the world from her hiding spot in the shrubs – this sweet 12×20 painting will attract animal lovers everywhere and will fit comfortably into any spot in your house – for only $395 you can’t go wrong. This delightful study would be a charming addition to a child’s room, but is sophisticated enough to delight an adult as the perfect gift. Mother’s Day is just a few m0nths away, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Contact mich@redkettle.com for details regarding artist, size and shipping.

The above watercolour original by Carl Froschl is dated 1914 and is nicely framed in  art deco style. It depicts the moment just before this curious cat overbalances the wastebasket in a flurry of papers and scurrying kitty. This expertly accomplished little study is a small slice of family life in the popular genre of that time in Europe and would look especially good in one of the many urban homes across Canada from the early 20th century that are being rehabbed just now.  Framed, signed and ready to hang at a very modest $199 plus shipping, this original will set an authentic note in your period home.

Another small animal study – just 6×6, this pencil sketch depicts a young cat in various poses – again, it is nicely and simply framed and will look lovely perhaps as one of a grouping, or placed by itself in a vignette of small objects on a bookshelf or fireplace mantel – again this lovely little piece will go to you for $199 plus shipping. contact mich@redkettle.com to learn more about this study by Robert Fuchs.



The  pastel original of a rabbit comes from Austria and of the same period as the other two small pieces and is reminiscent of an Albrecht Durer study done several centuries earlier. It is a masterful work which is so serene that it takes a while to realize the technical skills displayed in it. Mich tells me he is happy to keep this piece as he is very happy with it – always a good recommendation.

Framed, this lovely original can be yours for $225 plus shipping. Contact mich@redkettle.com.


Fresh Art for the New Year and Some Old Friends, too!

I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday, complete with family and friends and lots of chance to relax and visit. My back do0r here on the West Hall’s Harbour Road is ajar and I’d like you to come in and discuss art with Mich and I for a while.  There’s always time in this spell between Christmas and New Year’s Day – and aren’t visits from old friends and new ones what the season is all about. Come in the coffee is on and the woodstove is pumping out heat!

We’ve been focussing on business plan, and disussing the direction Mich’s gallery will take. In the New Year, as ever, Mich will continue to collect art from Canada’s First Peoples as his main focus and secondarily classic Canadian art with a scattering of International pieces as they show up and appeal to him.

A newer goal is to concentrate on supporting the emerging, younger, less affluent collector – making it easier to acquire those first few pieces will be an important goal and we want to encourage you to discuss with Mich an installment or layaway plan – several monthly equal payments including shipping with delivery to take place as the final payment clears.

To the end of presenting you with affordable options Mich will always have an inventory of good pieces at excellent prices and from time to time we will concentrate on how to display fine art in your home.

A case in point are these two small prints, beautifully framed and modestly priced, by Henry Moore. Moore was known for his massive, very simple statues of bronze, meant to be viewed in an outdoors setting.

He was also a fine and very capable draftsman. We may not all have a beautifully landscaped sculpture garden for his huge brozes but we have room on our walls for these lovely small pieces and can afford the very reasonable price.


I promised you a glimpse of an old friend – and here it is – this lovely original painting is of Drag River by John Joy – the colours are lovely and the particular brilliant light of a northern winter day is captured with ease. This painting is waiting to go home to you for a very reasonable price. Contact mich@redkettle.com for details.



And finally – three West Coast native pieces: the Floyd Joseph print shown in Mich’s living room was the starting piece of years of collecting – Wolf Dancing with the Moon – Mich was recently browsing around and was surprised to find this beautiful print offered for sale – of course he had to have it in his home again! But it is for sale, so act fast and it can become yours. Framed and ready for your wall.


I don’t think I have shown this James Leslie Salish ceremonial mask of a deer’s head before – last week I did show the Kwakiutl Raven mask and did a post on Leslie and on West Coast Haida ceremonial masks. Both pieces are for sale – contact mich@redkettle.com for details.

Until next week – which is also next year – Mich and I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2012!

A Striking Kwakiutl Mask by James Leslie


Perhaps one of the most exciting things about sharing a post with you each week is the opportunity, through research, to learn more about the art of our vast country and to learn more too about Canada’s  history and diverse peoples.



This week I will be sharing some of the sites I looked through today in my search for information to inform my appreciation of this magnificent Kwakiutl ceremonial mask By James Leslie. I urge you to use these links to read further :






This beautifully carved, woven and paint decorated ceremonial clacker mask of a Kwakiutl Raven has been created by James Leslie, who  studied and trained under both Tony Hunt Sr and Jr on Vancouver Island. As you will discover by reading the content of the above-noted websites, the Hunts were instrumental in saving the carving traditions of their forebears for future generations and are descended from a long line of ceremonial carvers.



James Leslie’s mask has been carved from cedar and paint decorated using the colours and symbolry of the Kwakiutl people. The mask was worn on top of the head, as shown in the photograph at the top of this post, and the  fringe hid the dancer from sight while allowing him to see out through the braided strands of cedar bark.

The mask merasures 29x9x9 inches and comes complete with the stand on which it is displayed.

On top of the raven’s head is a small carved human skull, nestled in a nest of cedar bark.

This magnificent one-of-a-kind mask can form the focal point of your West Coast Native Art collection! Contact mich@redkettle.com for details regarding pricing and shipping to your address. As always, Mich is willing to discuss several equal monthly payments so that acquiring this lovely original piece of art is feasible for you!



In closing, Mich and I wish all our readers a happy and safe holiday season and for there to be Peace and Plenty on earth this Christmas.

Until 2012 – Season’s Greetings from Mich and Janet




Some Pre-Christmas Pricing for First Nations Art

with thanks to Country Living magazine

Corinna Ray - Young Moose

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, even here on the West Coast of Canada – cold and frosty most mornings, and the countdown is underway! On the east coast aside from a foot of the white stuff last month we’re good to go.
Today RedKettle is offering some special Christmas pricing on 4 lovely pieces of First Nations Art.
Mich has three strong pieces by Corrina Ray of the Sandy Lake Reserve – way north of Sioux Lookout;  and beause Corinna is an emerging artist, her original acrylic on canvas  paintings are priced low.  You will be acquiring great art at very low cost.

Corinna Ray - Moose with Owl

All three pieces are unframed and will ship rolled in a mailing tube at a far more reasonable rate than framed canvases and can be expected to arrive with no damage to be hassling about.

Corinna Ray - Owl

As you can see by the large moose painting which was photographed in a home setting and in a temporary frame, these original works of art will fit nicely into any home and make a statement about the things that you care about!
These three paintings are specially priced as individual purchases and if you buy  all three,  Mich will make you an extremely good price. 
Contact mich@redkettle.com to discuss purchase and shipping details
TIP:An inexpensive and great looking alternative to conventional frames is to get your framer to use stretchers – the lovely colours and movement in these paintings will shine in such a simple setting.

Isaac Bignell - Towards a New Tomorrow

This isRedKettle’s huge  five feet square painting in acrylic on canvas by Isaac Bignell – this painting is being priced way below market value as Mich is downsizing and he really needs the space. The price is now $1750 plus what will be quite reasonable shipping as the canvas is unframed. This huge painting will make a statement no mstter whether you display it at home; or in your professional office, lobby or boardroom.

It is not too late to get delivery in time for Christmas for any of these lovely original paintings if you act now – contact  mich@redkettle.com to arrange.

Unril next week when we will start showing some great new acquisitions, so long from Janet in the mysterious east, and Mich on the Left Coast!


A Reminder: My art at auction closes this weekend

I thought I’d remind you to be sure to bid if you are planning to – I have three pieces up for bids: two striking originals, an Isaac Bignell and a Daniel Izzard at Westbridge Gallery in Vanvouver:


Check these lovely paintings out and make sure you are set up to bid! Auction is both live at the Vancouver gallery,  and online and closes on Sunday December 11.

For more details, check here:https://redkettle.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/redkettles-art-https://redkettle.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/an-unusual-harold-town-exhibition-poster-winnipeg-1971-numbered/at-auction-bid-now/


Levis Fine Art Auction in Calgary is the second auction venue to be featuring one of my pieces this weekend –


Their offering is a numbered exhibition poster by Harold Town – limited edition 4/100 – this is an online only aucton – if you wish to bid you will need a valid paddle number- get more details here by checking this post;https://redkettle.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/an-unusual-harold-town-exhibition-poster-winnipeg-1971-numbered/

See you Monday or Tuesday of next week for RedKettle’s regular post mich@redkettle.com

An Unusual Harold Town Exhibition Poster – Winnipeg 1971 Numbered

This poster advertising an exhibition of Harold Town’s drawings which took place at the Fleet Galleries in Winniprg in 1971 has been in RedKettle’s private collection for some years. As Mich is downsizing, his loss may be your gain.


Check out Levis Fine Art Auctions – this is lot #101 in the upcoming online auction which will close on Saturday December 10, 2011http://www.levisonlineauctions.com/view_auction.html

This numbered (4/100) lithographic print measures an impressive 39×25 and unframed it is ready for inexpensive and safe shipping to you. This interesting piece of art will make an unusual and impressive statement in your home and will fit equally well with mid-century retro decor or in your up-to-the-moment white, with wood and metal accents industrial style loft home furnished on the style of Restoration Hardware( http://www.restorationhardware.com/)

This is a piece of genuine Canadian art which you will not see in every home!

You may be the lucky new owner of this interesting piece if you bid now – Harold Town and his “Group of Eleven” colleagues are about to ride a resurgence to popularity. Read about them here:


and here:



While we are on the subject of auctions, please check out the two lovely original paintings – one by Isaac Bignell and one by Daniel Izzard  that are coming up for auction this Sunday at Westbridge Fine Art in Vancouver, written about here:


Thanks for visiting us again this week – prepare your thoughts for a survey of interests coming soon and for an early numbered print by Kurelek……

Until then!

Mich – mich@redkettle.com  and Janet janet@novascotiaquilts.com

RedKettle’s art at auction: Bid Now!

Some news about two very desirable original paintings I have placed at auction with Westbridge Fine Art Auctions on Fir Street in Vancouver.


You can bid now online or you can, if you prefer, arrange to be admitted to the live auction at the gallery to bid. Read all the details at the website and make sure you get authorized to bid.

Above is my Isaac Bignell (1958-1995) an unframed acrylic on canvas sized at a huge 54×60 inches. This piece, called “Toward a New Day” is a stylized painting of swallows in flight expressing a soaring freedom – this one is an impressive winner! Lot #52. Signed on lower left and dated ’93.

Below is a striking small painting – oil on panel 12×10 and framed, it is called Houses on Ambleside, West Vancouver and is by Daniel Izzard (1923-2007) This is a stunning painting and will be a treasured part of your collection. Lot #10 – bid now!

You will be surprised at the low starting values so try your bids!


Some other tidbits: First I want to thank all the visitors we’ve been having lately for pushing our daily statistics to a new high – we had 106 visitors yesterday and this is a new all time high!!

In addition, I just noticed that there was no search feature on the blog and so have added this most useful feature – look for the widget in the top of the right hand column – it will help to zero in on subjects and artists you are interested in reading more about.

Check back soon for the post about the upcoming Levis auction – I have two pieces up for bids there too – a Kurelek print and a Harold Town.


See you soon folks! Janet and Mich (mich@redkettle.com)