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Accomplished Canadian scenery artist Robert Genn turned his attention to the concern the First Peoples’ must have for oil and gas development in the North when he painted Native Mothers Beside Construction. Look at the expression on the mother’s face as she holds her child tight on her lap. It is a look of concern and fear. You can see it on the Contemporary Art page of my site http://www.redkettle.com . It should be hanging in a Band Office or an environmental centre. It does speak a 1,000 words. The power of great art. To acquire it framed contact mich@redkettle.com or Redkettle Art Gallery. Thank you.

Why collect ART? Let me count the reasons.

Why collect ART? I mean besides the fact that you work hard and deserve beauty in your life. Here are reasons to start collecting art. Here goes:
-Art enhances your quality of life.
-It is a good investment.
-There is only one.
-It is an expression of yourself. The Real you is shown in your taste.
-Art is personal. No one is wrong for liking a certain style and disliking another.
-It is great to come home to at the end of the day. It inspires.
-Art challenges us and engages us. It creates a dialogue within.
-It encourages us to question: What is this piece saying to me? Why does it affect me so?
-Art delights and tells us things. It tells us about ourself in the process.
-Art is forgiving. Like a good dog it loves you for you and only wants to please and calm you.
-It opens us to a community of like minded people who enjoy colour, line, and visual expression.
-When can I start? Now. Don’t worry about the search- Good art finds you.
-You are Home with good art around you. It is a great thing to wake to and say goodnight to.
In a cold changing world, you fit. Good art is a good friend. Enjoy the easy rapport and love.
Art is you. Beautiful and to be treasured.

Why collect Art? Let me count the reasons.


Does your home part say who you are? “Home is the place your belong to.”- Maritime saying

Question: If someone were to break into your home, think they would they like the people that live there by the art on the walls? Hope so. Your home art should represent the real you. It’s always been my belief that burglars would make a pot of coffee,  sit back and enjoy the art in my home and leave empty handed but enlightened.  Good art = Good people.  Nuff said.  Doctors probably have a word for it but lately my home art has become blow-up photos of my large french Canadian family growing up in northern Ontario. After years of living with great Canadian art on the walls, I’ve chosen to enjoy the beauty of family in ’50’s Canada. Lately my home art collection is personal. It’s snap shots of family life that ground me and let me know my roots.  A burglar would be walking into a Barnes photo album and that is fine. Like the family the pics celebrate, make coffee, and leave by the front door.  Have a great day everyone.  Mornin’ Janet.

Canadian landscape artist John Joy dies at 86. A great loss.

On January 14, 2012 Canadian artist John Joy passed away in North York. He was 86. Redkettle is proud to have a charming framed 8″x10″ oil of a river bank in winter for sale. Joy captures the brittle cold and the frozen grasses against the snow. Here is your chance to own an original John Joy. Contact mich@redkettle.com for details. Redkettle Art would get the shipping but buyer pays the taxes and customs costs if any.  Check our contemporary art page to see this fine painting.  In closing, hope this finds you warm and well on this chilly winter day. John Joy’s art says it all.  Mornin’ Janet.

Redkettle Gallery’s Current Works: First Nations Canadian Artists

Today, Redkettle Gallery’s blog is featuring the current inventory of works by artists who are members of Canada’s First Nations. Above is a powerful work by Floyd Joseph, a numbered serigraph “Wolf Dancing with the Moon” – more details and a close up can be viewed at:  



At the moment, Redkettle Gallery is fortunate to have two lovely Haida masks by James Leslie, whose Haida Raven Clacker mask  was sold about a month ago.

These are the intriguing Salish Deer mask seen above and in detail at: http://www.redkettle.com/products/native-art-canada/james-leslie-salish-ceremonal-deer-mask.htm

And this Kwakiutl Raven Clacker mask seen in more detail at:



Above, an original – a very large acrylic painting by Isaac Bignell – check out the details at:



Although the paintings below by Corinna Ray of the Sandy Lake community are not shown on the website at the moment, Redkettle Gallery has a handful of these lovely original acrylic on canvas paintings being offered at a low price that reflects the fact that this is an emerging artist.



You can support Ms Ray while she works to achieve her potential as the daughter of Carl Ray – an artist from the same community whose record stands for itself.

Contact Redkettle Gallery:   mich@redkettle.com to obtain further details, discuss shipping etc.

Featuring Two Classic Canadian Artists


Today, Redkettle Gallery’s blog is featuring works by two of Canada’s classic 20th century artists. Click the links given to learn more about these artists and their work featured today. 

The first is an early (1965) print published as part of the portfolio “Toronto 20′. by the Jerrold Morris Gallery. This was a  limited edition series, and the work is numbered 64/100.

A rare find, this print reflects in its strong religious symbolism the primary place that Roman Catholicism had taken  in Kurelek’s life, and as befits the quality of this print, it comes framed in archival materials behind non-UV glass.

Check out the post here:

https://redkettle.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/william-kurelek-canadian-artist/    which is dedicated to Kurelek’s history, and check out:


to see this work in high resolution detail.


Above is an oil on stret6cher frame measuring 18×24. This significant original work of art will be the focal point of any room. Shives is a well regarded painter working out  of Vancouver. He studied at centres in California, receiving a bachelor of fine arts and had a long relationship with his mentor the late Toni Onley.


This work reflects his sure and capable technical skills and will give a great deal of pleasure to its new owner.

Check out the large high resolution image here:



For more information, contact mich@redkettle.com  Until next week……………